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African grey parrots for sale craigslist with cage and all his accessories. He’s fully tame. He’s fully flighted and will sit on top of his cage or a vase all day. Lovely little bird. I call him He although he’s never been DNA tested. Loving homes only as he won’t be going to just anyone this is a very reluctant sale. he comes with around $250 worth of cage, accessories and a bird bath etc. Cage is 2 months old. Will sell without cage for $800. Thanks


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Welcome to, your ultimate destination for finding birds for sale near your location. We take pride in working with ethical bird breeder who provide top-quality birds and prioritize the well-being of their feathered friends. On this page, we will discuss why our birdbreeders stand out as the best choice for anyone looking to add a feathered companion to their home.

Quality Birds from Ethical Bird Breeders

Our bird breeders are committed to providing the highest standard of care for their birds. They prioritize the well-being and health of each bird, ensuring that they are raised in a clean and nurturing environment. By working with ethical breeders, we can guarantee that the birds you find on our platform have been treated with care and respect throughout their lives.

Why Choose Our Bird Breeders?

We carefully select breeders who share our commitment to ethical practices. Our breeders prioritize the well-being of their birds above all else and adhere to high standards of care. By choosing a bird from our breeders, you can be confident that you are supporting responsible and ethical bird breeding.

We understand the importance of finding a bird breeder near your location. That’s why we have a network of breeders spread across different regions.

Bird breeder



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