Birds shipping

We Offer international birds Shipping

Birds Shipping and Handling:

We offer free Birds shipping across the United States and Canada only. Your parrots will be flown in an Airline-Approved Pet Carrier, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey in a temperature and pressure-controlled environment. Our experienced staff in the parrot shipping industry will provide extraordinary customer service, making your shipping experience as pleasant as possible.

Once the adoption process is completed, we will coordinate the best time and date to fly your parrots to your nearest major airport. You will receive an email and/or phone call with your parrots’ flight details and our Parrot Care Guide. Your parrots will be delivered to your doorsteps by a well-trained delivery agent.

Due Dilligence:

We prioritize the well-being of your parrots during transportation. Our services include temperature-controlled flights, delivery vans, and holding areas in select stations to ensure a comfortable traveling experience. Our dedicated team of professionals provides unparalleled customer service and personalized care for your parrots.

Our parrot shipping service covers every possible detail to ensure the safe transportation of your parrots. We strive to make your shipping experience quick and easy, knowing that you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new family member.

Experience a seamless and worry-free shipping process when adopting your pet parrot.